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Default Re: Backline Drums, What is behind the scene

When I was stationed in Kuwait I was part of the Army's Public Affairs Detachment (oddly I was in the Navy at the time) and I got to be involved in procuring the backline for all of the acts that came throught the Middle East.

Usually it was very easy. We got a gear rider from the band that we forwarded to a company in Bahrain who really did all the rest of the work. Most bands were easy, and were more than happy to play the gear we got them. But some bands endorsing smaller companies had a tough time. My favorite example was Paramore whose drummer endorsed Truth drums, and we could not get a set to his specs into the country in time for the show. He ended up playing a really nice set of gold sparkle DW's, but he only played one floor tom because he played 16" and 18" floor toms and they couldnt get an 18" floor tom to match. In the end it all worked out, but I heard he wasnt very happy.
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