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Default Getting used to the trick pro1v Bigfoot?

So I had been searching for the "right" pedal for a while. Thought the speedcobra was it but I took them back and picked up the pro 1v Bigfoot double. Figured I needed to at least try it to know if it would be the pedal for me or not. I have been putting it through its paces. I've been utilizing all its features to get to know them as well as finding my settings. I'm not there yet with the settings but am moving in the right direction. This pedal really does have a broad spectrum of settings. My question is to those who own and love their tricks; did it take you a bit to get used to the direct drive and longboard feel or was it instant love. They are a big investment and I have a couple more weeks to return them if they aren't for me. I feel like I'm on the right track to eventual love. It just hasn't been love at first feel, if ya know what I mean. Any insight from current owners would be helpful.
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