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Default Re: I hate Macs!

Just to answer Jay's post.

i) I rarely have full-system crashes. In the last seven years I've been running a Mac, I think it's happened four times. My systems are on practically 24/7 and I rarely reboot. Two of those were after I installed updates. Full-system crashes are very uncommon.

ii) 'Parallels' is what's called a 'Virtual Machine'. There are lots of different virtual machine programs out there and Parallels is only one of them. It is there ostensibly to run other OS's in OS X but you can likewise do the same on Windows or even on Linux. The fact that OS X has a virtual machine tool available for purchase is no different from any other operating system.

iii) Overclocking is a dangerous game - especially in laptops. Computer designers always use trade-offs to design their machines and in laptops that is usually to use a lower-power and lower-heat ULV (ultra-low-voltage) or small version of the desktop chip because heat dissipation is a real issue. That's not taking into account the effect of overclocking on battery life - which is usually absolutely catastrophic. Sure, having a Mac makes it hard to overclock but you should only be overclocking on a box that is built from the ground-up to do so. Extra cooling, a more rugged power supply and a blasť attitude towards your electricity bill help.

iv) Modern Macs are harder to repair and tinker with, absolutely. Apple is not the only company gluing in batteries and soldering in RAM though. Making the machines harder to repair does mean that they can design the product more efficiently. Take a Macbook Air, take away all the little hinderances to repair and you have a laptop half as large again. It's a compromise and I will admit that the difficulty of repair is a sore spot for me.

Frankly, your 'computer nerd' friend needs to wake up and smell the roses. If he's using the concept of a virtual machine as an argument against Macs, then he needs to read about what virtual machines actually do and realise that they also exist for every other system.
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