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Originally Posted by con struct View Post
On another forum I frequent, one of the members offered to tell me what he thought of Macs. Here is his post:

Well, one of the biggest disadvantages to MAC is that MAC basically equals limitation. Upgrading, overclocking, troubleshooting, and even regular maintenance are impossible or close to impossible. Then there are the factors of inefficient coding, which causes higher than usual CPU load, resulting in hardware based lag, and even complete crashes quite often. Then there's the issue of compatibility. Stevie actually decided to implement what he likes to call "parallels", which run a component of windows within the MAC OS in order to reduce compatibility issues. This actually made me laugh quite hard when I first learned about it, because it begs the obvious question: Why the hell would you buy a MAC if you can't use it without parts of a PC OS? Though I will admit that I hate Microsoft nearly as much as I hate MAC. This is an overview of the root major problems with MACs.

This guy is a self-admitted computer nerd. I'm not sure that any of his issues have had any impact on me, although it's quite possible.
Wow. That guy sounds like he hates everything. I bet he sits on his front porch yelling at the kids to stay off his lawn ;)

Actually, I look at my computers as tools. If it works great when I get it and I can use it to actually get things done, then I'm happy. I've never understood that whole "can't upgrade thing", because I normally buy the max-ed out model to begin with, so when its time to upgrade, I'm buying a whole new machine. Why upgrade? Usually, when I discover new things I want to do, that new software will require a more powerful model anyway, so the whole "being a computer geek so I can keep my hardware up with my software" I've never understood.

Computer geeks remind of the people with Harley-Davidson motorcycles who keep tinkering and tinkering to get the bike to stop leaking oil. Or the drum geek convinced there's a new thing right around the corner to make playing easier.

Just get the work done, eh?
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