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Default Re: I hate Macs!

I had a friend innocently ask me if you could buy new XP laptops. I restrained myself - that whole system is inherently insecure and pushing twelve years old. I think I have one pair of shoes that old.

Having used Windows 8 on a work laptop, I'm very glad that I have a Windows 7 on my main work PC and on my laptop (as well as OS X on my laptop, obviously). The ideas are good but the execution is horrendous. I'm computer literate and have used the main operating systems as well as a few obscure ones but I've never had so much of a headache as trying to navigate Windows 8. It's the lack of discoverability that's the real problem. If I wanted to find my settings, how am I meant to know that they're on the right hand side on a fold-out menu unless I discover it by pure chance?!

Absolute nightmare.

DMC, you got a very good deal. The 13.3" MBPs are good machines. I have a 2009 15" model and it's done me very proud for the last several years. It's been dropped and worked hard and it's never let me down. I've upgraded the RAM, HDD and put a new battery in it but other than that, it's basically stock. If I put an SSD in it, it'll scream along but that's just out of my grasp financially at the moment but might be worth considering as an upgrade. Which version of OS X are you on? I'd imagine 10.7 or 10.8.

Macs hold their value for a good reason. They are very well-built and reliable machines. OS X is no easier or harder to learn than Windows (7 that is...) and once you get the hang of it, it's very simple. Bermuda - what are you trying to do? I have the opposite problem. If I need to do something in Windows, I get stuck for software. Most of what I do (and used to do) was either cross-platform or Mac specific.
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