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Default Re: limping back from a dogged afternoon/new dents

I just installed these and I really don't think I'll ever need to replace that head again!!!! I actually hear a much more defined attack thus eliminating all thought on wood beaters. Also, I can totally unload a few rounds into my bass drum as its now wearing body armour!
Its strength comes from Aramid Fiber and has these qualities taken from Wikipedia:

flame-resistant clothing (example military MIL-G-181188B suits).
heat protective clothing and helmets
body armor,[8] competing with PE based fiber products such as Dyneema and Spectra
composite materials
asbestos replacement (e.g. brake linings)
hot air filtration fabrics
tires, newly as Sulfron (sulfur modified Twaron)
mechanical rubber goods reinforcement
ropes and cables
wicks for fire dancing
optical fiber cable systems
sail cloth (not necessarily racing boat sails)
sporting goods
wind instrument reeds, such as the Fibracell brand
loudspeaker diaphragms
boathull material
fiber reinforced concrete
reinforced thermoplastic pipes
tennis strings (e.g. by Ashaway and Prince tennis companies)
hockey sticks (normally in composition with such materials as wood and carbon)
jet engine enclosures
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