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Default Re: I hate Macs!

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I will only say that if everything works you got a good deal. Have fun.

Thank you, you are very gracious, more than I deserve. You and a few other people here have license to rub it in now that I finally got one! A few people predicted I would eventually get a Mac and they are right.

Yes, it was a good deal. People were wanting around $600 for 2008 models, fifteen inches with some good software. This is a little small at 13 inches, but just a couple of years old. It was 4 gigs of ram, very respectable, and a 320 gig hard drive, and has Office for Mac. I do admit it looks cool. My laptop finally croaked after five years of use and I needed to get a replacement.

I have been attending web technology meetups and most of the professionals use Macs. They say the Mac is set up better to run virtual machines, set up LAMP stacks and other Web development tasks, and recommended I get one for my classes.

It seems to run faster than my PC laptop but it sometimes freezes up when downloading stuff. I can't use a lot of the software I got for my PC - bummer.
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