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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
"oh there's no mojo, no magic everyones playing to a drum machine"

I want to point out how atrociously boring and terrible the drumming on his newest album Analog Man was.

Just to contrast this whole "live drummer vs. drummer machine"

Joe Walsh "live drummer"

Animals as Leaders, actual drum machine

wow such a boring lifeless drum beat.

Really sad to see one of the old greats Like Joe Walsh completely miss understanding modern developments, like anything, technology can be used or misused.
Your missing Joes point.His beef is with the current formula of studio production.Using a drum machine has become the status quo.He dosen't completely reject technology,he just dosen't completely rely on it

The somewhat flawed organic human live performance , is augmented by click tracks,tape loops,auto tune ect.Where's the sponteneity of a few guys just plugging in and letting it rip.

No one wants to pay for music anymore.It just gets tougher and tougher to actually make a living as a musician.

He, like me,comes from a time, where we played bars,clubs school dances and every other venue we could to make a buck and pay our dues.We also got paid.No one worked for free.We wouldn't even entertain the idea of working for free.You got paid....period.

The concept of perfection has overridden the human performance of instruments that are played by hand ,by flawed and IMPERFECT human musicians.

That obsession with perfection,and the notion that music is free........... need to go away.

Steve B
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