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Default Re: Drum Rack or Stands?

Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
And I thank you for it.

No need to create a new thread, cluttered by 15 people who will then say,"Search is your friend, blah, blah..." I searched. I'm still looking for reasons to get a rack.

I found one, thanks to you:

On my home kit, I have 4 hi-toms, and they straddle my snare, so I have no problem doing certain types of tom work with the left hand having wide open access to the left toms.

With my road kit, I only have 2 hi-toms, and they are on the bass drum mount. I have a spare dual stand that could move them off, but I want an in-between solution, and I think I just found it.

I already had multiple other reasons:
Smaller footprint
Less moving (with two person lift)
Easier for non-drummers to actually help (and not just put stands where they think they go)
Everything is already setup (at height, placement, etc...)

So the ability to move the hi-toms exactly where I want them might be the reason I do this.

That's great I'm glad I could lead you in the right direction and yes you made very solid points as to why a rack would be good to have! I'm not sure of how you setup and tear down when on gigs, like drum cases etc but honestly and if you don't have cases, even with all three toms on the main rack I can grab hold of both main poles of the rack lift it and move it myself and that's with the side rack off of course. So I know for a fact it would only take a split second for two to pick it up and move it off stage or where ever you may be. And the side extension is very light on it's own especially when you take the cymbals off. You just have to be careful not to hit the legs of the rack while moving it cause you can shift the position of them easily maybe even with the memory locks on each leg. Tell them to be careful or they'll have a size 13 boot in their ass before they know it lol. ;)

Seriously though, once you set your tom holders where you want them on the main rack as well as cymbal arms and put the memory locks on none of it will move... EVER if it's tight enough. You can also set the angle of the side rack, put a memory lock on the main pole and it as well will also help with quick setup of your side extension if you choose to get that version. There are two a main and then one with the side extension. Yes the one with the side extension will bite your wallet but if you want and try to always buy quality, think about how much all those top of the line cymbal stands and mounts would cost and those start to add up quick as well. Just for 4 Tama Roadpro Booms comes to $300 so keep that in mind when you compare.

Also yes I commend you for actually taking the time to search and to put your question into a currently made thread. I'm not sure why an admin would respond like that tbh but it tis what it tis.
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