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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Jason

Age? Middle

How long have you been playing? 17 to 30, started again 3 years ago

Origin of user name? It's a play on one of my favorite albums w/ one of my favorite drummers. Thought "gut_pageants" might be too gross and inside

Your top 5ish drummers?

DJ Bonebrake
Dave Narcizo
Andrew Paresi
John Stanier
Dave Lovering

Britt Walford
Zach Barocas
Adam Wade
Damon Che
Kevin Coultas

Make of drumkit?


Make of cymbal?


Where do you practice?

At home

Are you in a band?


Do you play covers or originals?

Originals w/ occasional covers

What style of music?

Vaguely gaelic rock

Favourite take out food?


What country do you live in?


One really odd fact about yourself?

I am pretty normal!

How did you start drumming?

I lied to get into a band. Apparently I faked it really well
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