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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
Go to a drum shop that has a good selection and they them ALL out. I swear I tested 12 different models. That's the only way you're gonna know. I can tell you Iron Cobras are #OMFGTHEBESTPEDAL... but honestly your style and technique determines which model will best suit you because they ALL have slightly or vastly different feels and physics.
I hear you but honestly..... I'm a bit shy to play in front of people. Yeah I can play, no doubt, but I can't PLAY. To me I think I know what I'm doing when I put together beats, grooves or just mess around with paradiddles but even then I get a bit shy in Guitar Center to even try and play with the pedals properly lol. I know I know.... I know what you're thinking but what can I do.

Maybe at some point I won't feel that way and will go mess about with a few pedals....
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