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Default Re: A question about heads...

Yeah Birdman I knew I was right. Bob even says and shows us what the difference is. Yeah the thin reso head is just a touch bright but the sustain is very short, with that EC reso it's dark and deep but rings for days. IMO the sound this guy is after would be a very thin reso, a G12, G14 or G2 on the batter and tuned to his liking. No it won't be doom, death, gore sounding deep but it won't be high pitched and jazzy if tuned properly as well.

Also sorry to lol but I have to say that Specialist isn't really a "specialist" if he's giving that kind of info. I'm just an average Joe who knows better and tbh it's really common sense when you think about it. Seems to me that guy is just here to push their products onto people. Another reason I'm glad I went back to Remo.
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