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Default Re: Drum Rack or Stands?

Do what ever the hell you want and if any douche bag gives you the heat about having a rack tell them to gtfo. So sick of the endless "it's not cool to do this or use this and if you're not on the bandwagon you're an outsider" crap!

I personally have a rack for my 7 pc PDP X7 maple kit but to be honest I'm only using it as a 5 pc currently (10, 12, 16 TOMS, 22BD and 14SD) and have my two racks on the chrome PDP rack. For one I needed a rack to save space as my room is only 8ft wide by 24ft long. Second I absolutely love the look of this all chrome PDP rack with the side extension. The white X7, with all those chrome lugs and my 3 chrome L-Rods that hold my toms is an awesome sight to behold when running 3 up! Hell I'll run 1 up and 1 or 2 down with a rack and I DGAF what anyone thinks or says.

Using the rack allows me to place my rack toms (1, 2 or all 3) where EVER I want to. Using the BD mount or cymbal stands tends to limit your range of placement. I fought myself over trying stands and possibly trading this rack in to use toward some Tama Roadpro boom stands but ended up sticking with it and I'm glad I did. I actually trimmed the two main poles that hold my cymbals to give it a lower sleeker look and it's awesome. I have my ride to the right of me mounted on one pole, the 16" crash on the left pole and then my 18" crash on a mini boom cymbal holder on my side extension.

Seriously use what ever you dig and don't worry about it. Try a set of very cheap stands first to see if you like it, if not I say go with the PDP rack instead as it looks incredible and the rack clamps hold forever with no slip.
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