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Default Re: 7 years of hard work - finished! :)

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
That's super-cool then. Do you have any pictures of the reservoir or reclamation device? I've never heard of that!
I'll have a dig through my old photo's, but it's essentially a big underground reservoir filled with gravel & flow channels so water doesn't stagnate. A sump pit at one end housing three multi stage impeller pumps of different capacity. The waterfall itself is butyl rubber lined to 8ft either side, so all water is captured on the way down (including splashes). The liner extends beyond the top of the fall & acts as a rainwater collection area. Similarly, the whole bottom area is gradiented towards the underground reservoir, the whole being controlled by an overflow so levels are self regulating. I also have our ground source heat pump elements running partially through the reservoir to improve underfloor heating efficiency (with air source heat pump backup). I doubt there's many who've integrated a waterfall reservoir into their domestic heating system. System designer = me :)

Biggest challenge = selecting, mapping out - transporting & placing naturally shaped boulders weighing several tonnes. To make it work, it had to be assembled twice. Once for fit - photographed & laser measured, then dissembled - foundations in, then lined, then reassembled. I didn't know it would work until the first time I fired it up, & by then, it's too late to fix if it's a screw up. It worked :)
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