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Default Re: 7 years of hard work - finished! :)

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Did you carve Cedric?
No larry. it was done by a friend of mine who carves dragons for a living. It's still the only one he's ever carved in the vertical. Took a while. Cedric was an old oak that had died in situ.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I would love to sit on the platform above the waterfall, listen and just think good thoughts
Thanks Grunt, & that's exactly what I do. It's my favourite place :)

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
The water in the waterfall isn't reclaimed at any point? You're just pouring water into the ground there? Why not make a small pond and put in a pump to circulate?
Water is recirculated, & filtered through 12 tonnes of gravel. Evaporation is replenished naturally through rain water diversion. You can drink it - no problem.
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