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Default Re: A question about heads...

Originally Posted by Birdman View Post
You are dead on! W/in reason of course, a thicker head(more mass), once put in motion will stay in motion LONGER, period, than a thinner head(less mass). I think even Gatzen has discussed the irony of thinner head offerings called "resonant" - that is their function, but they do not add more resonance - they actually, relatively, offer less(!), given the same tunings (uhh, snare side heads anyone, for an extreme example?). This is the law of physics, period. Ahhemm.
And which law is that? :)
I think you are referring to laws of momentum no? ....which indeed depend on mass/velocity.
But in drums you want to be speaking about Acoustic resonance, not laws of momentum.

A drum and drum heads one is dealing with acoustic resonance, which has more to do most with tension on a drum membrane, and lesser with thickness (though not ignorable).
There is a reason thin shelled drums resonate more, and thin heads (for a same shell thickness) resonate more. You need the vibration to get resonation. If it were the opposite, acoustic guitars would be made of thick (not thin) tops of wood.

There is a reason we don't put thick heads on our drums - increased thickness does not cause increased acoustic resonation. Thick heads can change the pitch though.... all other factors the same

Your snare side head is an excellent example. Its made ultra thin for the response we look for (vibration) - and so tuned tight to hi tension - no resonance (what we look for in a snare) but tuned loose, way too much resonance (sounds poor).
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