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Default Re: A question about heads...

Originally Posted by oddtime74 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the rule of thumb the thicker a drum head the longer it vibrates because of the weight? From what I've read a THIN reso head will give quick punch and decay with a touch higher pitch and brighter tone depending on tension. Wouldn't a thick batter and reso just cause bigger drums to resonate for days, depending on tension? Also I believe tension on the heads, no matter the thickness, also plays a role in tone and how quick the decay will be. Are you saying that a EC2 over an EC2 "reso" will cancel eatch other out giving a 16" FT a more dry and quick decay, rather than an EC2 and an Evans Glass Reso or standard Genera Reso?
You are dead on! W/in reason of course, a thicker head(more mass), once put in motion will stay in motion LONGER, period, than a thinner head(less mass). I think even Gatzen has discussed the irony of thinner head offerings called "resonant" - that is their function, but they do not add more resonance - they actually, relatively, offer less(!), given the same tunings (uhh, snare side heads anyone, for an extreme example?). This is the law of physics, period. Ahhemm.

Want some pure resonance w/ out funky overtones? Try clear G14's over clear G14's on floor toms. I have. G12 over G12 on my rack toms... I promise, you these combo's have longer sustain over thinner "resonant" heads. So say the laws of the universe.
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