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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

I became aware in high school band that most members of our local symphony orchestra (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra) had second jobs, repaired / bought / sold instruments, and / or taught at the local college conservatory to augment their income. At the time, I was playing in a couple not very serious bands comprised of not very good musicians; me included! I saw a LOT of much more talented musicians than I would ever be not making a living from their music. So I went to school to be an engineer. This was the early 70s.

There was a lot of money made in rock, country, and “popular” music (less so in jazz and classical) in the next 30 years or so but sadly it seems most of it didn’t go to the people actually making the music.

Certainly divorcing the music from the need to manufacture and distribute the media transporting it has radically changed the music business and the power structure. As others have noted, even world class musicians have to work harder as they now not only have to make the music, they have to market it too. My hope is that eliminating the various middlemen and music biz infrastructure will put more money in the hands of the folks making the music.

This has not all shaken out yet by any means.
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