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Default Re: Bass Drum Mounted Cymbal Arm Lengths

The DW tube (tilter part) is around 8-9" I think, then the tilter is about 3" from the tilter (round piece) to the felt the cymbal sits on.
The length of the solid L-arm is about 6" I think. Could be 5" (it's more than 4", so 6" makes more sense). They didn't have different sizes when I got mine, so I cut it to suit, & I am going by memory, but it still might help.

I think the Gibraltar's L-arm piece is the same as the length both sides (part that goes in the mount/part that goes up) from what I remember seeing at the shop. The whole Gibraltar tube looks to be about 12", going by memory of it in the package.

If it's fully extended, are you doing a crash mounted on the BD, or a splash? I have seen splashes in the "traditional" (Buddy, Krupa etc...) spot with the DW, and a crash with the DW on a stand up drum kit.

There are a couple people with one that seems like the Gibraltar, so maybe they will chime in. One used it for the ride on their "Bonham Kit".
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