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Default 7 years of hard work - finished! :)

Ok, this isn't a "show off how much money you've got" thread, quite the reverse actually :( This is the result of thousands of hours of hard work, & to get to this position, 3 previous total ground up house renovations across 25 years with me doing 100% of the work. Some of you have seen some pictures of work in progress before, but now the planting has matured, & all the periphery work is done, it's looking really good.

When we took this property over, it was a complete mess. You couldn't even walk on the grounds. it was just 8ft high brambles. The house weather tight shell was intact, as was the barn/garage frame, but literally everything else has been renovated/built. Apart from some machine hire, & a bit of labour help for concrete laying & boulder positioning, I've done every last bit myself, & mostly reclaimed materials/scavenged stuff.

Landscaping - especially water gardens, are my other "passion". Massive work. Over 400 tonnes of boulders, & in the grounds, we've moved over 16,000 tonnes of earth, planted 160 trees, etc, etc. This isn't a garden, it's a bloody park, lol!

Anyhow, apart from relocating the dragon carving (happening next Tuesday), I'm done, & I mean done for good. This is my last ever renovation & landscaping project. Am I proud - hell yes!

Edit: I've just noticed, there's no scale context to the boulders/waterfall. Each boulder weighs between 2 & 5 tonnes each. Waterfall is 8 foot high & pumps at 8USG/second.
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