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Default Re: My take on the Tama Speedcobra.....

Originally Posted by ricohorton View Post
when i tried the speed cobra i could not get the pedal to feel right to my feet. It felt too heavy to me with the longer board and the recessed chain design. I took it back to GC. The Iron cobra's felt better imo.
I honestly think I made a mistake trying/buying these Tama pedals at all. Honestly the action of them is incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE and about as smooth as you can get and the extra power you get from the IC PG's is great as I like to dig in when I play. Though honestly I just can not get a feel for these larger than normal footboards. I don't like the action of the footboard, I do NOT like how heavy they are and it just doesn't fit in what I'm looking for in feel. Yes I can pull off double strokes and even triplets when I really focus and get the feel of it but after putting my DW3000 back on my bass drum after having not played it in many months I found I was able to do doubles, triplets and even heel toe far better than I can on these IC PG's.

What's funny is I would whine (to myself lol) about how I couldn't heel toe correctly on the smaller DW3000 footboard and after so long of not playing them I go back to them and I'm THAT much better with it. Though because of the very very smooth action of the IC and power of it I put the IC back on..... for now.

Like was mentioned in other threads I absolute hate hate hate hate HATE DW's rocker bearing on the DW3000 and I believe the 5000 as well has it! What a cheap ass design and is really uncalled for when you're paying what you do for the DW3000DBL and especially 5000DBL!!

True it's only a $6 part or what ever but damn it wore out quick and I also feel there is quite a bit of friction going on there that could be removed with a better design such as Tama's. Guess I'll just shop around some more and chalk it up to another lesson learned.
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