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But I'm not talking dead here. There's a HUGE jump from a head designed to focus the tone and bring out the drum's fundamental and something like an Evans Hydraulic. If dead was what I was after, I know how to obtain that. I'm looking for dry...not a table top.
Well to be totally honest the only way you are going to find out what works is to try a configuration for yourself. We could sit here and talk characteristics until we are old n gray but fact is it's what you can come up with and that works for your set to get the sound you want obviously WITHOUT the aide of holes in your rack/floor tom batter heads.

I would try an Evans G14 and/or G2 over one of their thinnest and thickest reso and see what happens with tuning. You may very well get the sound you want with a thick batter and reso and it may not resonate or have much sustain like I'm thinking or like opentune has said. I would have to go back through the tuning and drum head bible and information alike but I believe and in my mind a very thin reso will help minimize sustain quite a bit. I just think thick on thick will end up too dead too soon when tuning and with no tone.

If you want to go a step further and I don't know if this will work but buy a power center drum head, drill little 1/8 or 1/16" holes around the edge of the head and see if that works. The dot will focus the tone of the drum and then you will have vents to dry it out.

Just some ideas is all.
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