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Originally Posted by bearblastbeats View Post
Last year I was going through my dad's shed and grabbed his old Luddy that he hasn't used in about a decade. This is a late 1970's Ludwig octa-plus he purchased new about 30+ years ago...snip.

Very nice job! I did a similar restoration on an old set of Super Classics. Actually, it's still a WIP. :-) But it's looking pretty good. And the great thing is, if you ever need to replace any of that hardware, Ludwig still makes direct replacements for most of it right here in good ole North Cacalacky.

Have you considered covering up that hole where the tom mount was? I used the hole and bought a Rocker style tom mount. But I've seen people do different things, One guys used a small piece of drum covering which was either a wood grain look or he painted it, I can't recall which. Looked better than a hole.
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