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You have it the opposite.
Thinner is more *resonation* one of the reasons a thinner 1 ply head is often used as a reso, irrespective of whats used on the batter (1, 2 ply or thicker...).

If you take it to the limit, think how thicker and thicker heads will eventually result in a dead sounding drum because of the lack of vibration.
Ok so it resonates more easily because the thin reso is more sensitive but wouldn't the sustain be shorter, with a loose tension to help that? Well still tight to get a bit of tone but not floppy like the batter may be.

I had a Genera HDD before I switched back to Remo and I know exactly what he's wanting. Honestly though I don't know why he would want such an effect on his toms though. The snare and bass drum is one thing but you should have a tiny bit of resonance in your toms, unless you really want a lifeless rack tom. If so that can be achieved by leaving everything finger tight and going to town on them lol!

For example, in my mind, I see a two ply 14 mil batter over a two ply 14 mil reso as having too much sustain while, even if it resonates easier, the thinner single ply 7 mil or thinner reso having a quicker decay without the need of having to leave it crazy loose like you MAY have to with a very thick reso.
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