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Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Never....repeat never use steel wool to remove rust.

Sorry Steve, but you are wrong.

Please pay special attention around 2:00 where he says "the chrome is actually stronger than the steel wool so it's not gonna scratch". And this guy used SOS pads, which I would not do personally. Note that I said FINE steel wool. Nothing too heavy or abrasive. That plus a bath in Metal Rescue should do the trick. If the rust is any heavier than that, then he needs to simply replace the hardware.

I also wanted to emphasize what the guy in the vid said...where pitting of the metal has taken place the rust will return, However, the same folks who make Metal Rescue also make a product called Dry Coat which applies a clear coat to the metal and inhibits the return of rust. With reasonable care, it is possible to keep rust away for years.

Of course, my first preference would be to simply replace the hardware. But he may not want to spend that much money and depending on the degree of rust he may not have to.

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