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Default Re: A question about heads...

Originally Posted by porter View Post
I'd think the Super-2s to be more open than the Focus/Studio Xs due to its lack of muffling.
Yeah. If the Focus X ends up being a bit too...errr...focused, then I will most likely get a Super 2 and try it out on toms. Thanks.

Originally Posted by porter View Post
Anyways, I'd recommend coated resonant heads as well - I had coated Ambassadors for a while as reso heads on my kit and they really dry out the tone.
Yeah. I know coated tends to be better in that regard. I just despise the look. I like to show off those beautiful maple interiors. :-D

I've also considered having new bearing edges cut. Perhaps a 45 degree with a round over. I've read that makes for a fatter and less 'ringy' sound. Heard a set of Tama Starclassics with a round over and those things sounded SO good.

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