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Default Re: A question about heads...

Originally Posted by Drumz View Post
Contrary to folk wisdom, most drum shops aren't too keen on opening up new heads and mounting them on drums just to "test them out". :)
I think don't think any drum shops are going to do this. Nor will they take used drum head returns for buyers remorse. Maybe if you're a high roller and spend thousands on other equipment every quarter. I don't know anybody personally doing that.

You do the best research you can online and maybe by hearing other players use the heads you're interested in while playing live in a smallish venue. Once that's done, buying a head is the cost of being a drummer. Unlike a drum, a head is considered a consumable and is relatively inexpensive. I've bought heads that I didn't care for. I then either played it until it was time to change them, saved it as a backup or gave it away.

Presently i have three different types of heads on my home kit toms (soon to be four) because I wanted to try them out and get the general sound in my head.. Some are keepers and some won't be bought again. I'm OK with that.

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