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Default Re: A question about heads...

Originally Posted by Drumz View Post
Thanks for the input. I went to a local music shop this afternoon and ordered a 12" in both the Focus X and the Studio X series. Contrary to folk wisdom, most drum shops aren't too keen on opening up new heads and mounting them on drums just to "test them out". :)

I considered the Super 2's also. But I am concerned they may be a bit too dead for my tastes. I may try one at a later date if neither of the others is satisfactory.
I'd think the Super-2s to be more open than the Focus/Studio Xs due to its lack of muffling.

Anyways, I'd recommend coated resonant heads as well- I had coated Ambassadors for a while as reso heads on my kit and they really dry out the tone. Worked really well for a classic rock style tuning or a high jazz-type deal.
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