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Default Re: Fan for drumming?

These are the fans that contractors use to dry out your carpets when your hot water heater fails or your washer overflows. I expect to get many years of service from mine before it fails. But if it fails early, I'll let you know.

Im not trying to trash these fans, Im just passing on what I know about them. I have a lot of experience with them, used them many hrs, took them apart, swapped motors/housings, talked to LASKO directly about them etc. etc. They do 'outperform' lesser designs, that's why I gave them such a good chance.

They're not really professional grade tho, the ABS housed ones are, and they can handle way more abuse. Contractors 'use blower type' fans, but in a busy contractor situation these cheaper fans are seen as toys, they're not that well built, if it falls off a truck, a 2x4 falls on it... its toast.

They're a beyotch to clean too (I need my fan blades to be clean, you can easily get sick breathing dirty air from a fan) you need to disassemble them and the blade cage needs to be scrubbed and when you do be careful the blades are thin and weak, easily broken, then the fan is out of balance and makes noise, super glue will fix.

I was OK with the cheap housings/blades breaking from mishandling, that stuff happens, but the motor on the blue LASKO failing and the STANLEYS and LASKOS parts not being interchangeable caused me to give up on them. My stuff gets handled by others a lot and I myself am not really that careful when carrying gear so I need stuff that's well built and these fans didn't pass the test. Always save your receipt.

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