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That's my best recommendation. The dry vents on the Genera Dry allow air to escape, which shortens sustain. Using a thicker reso on a tom will have a similar effect. The Genera series has the overtone control ring which also focuses the tonal response to a bit darker sound. Again, a thicker reso head will vibrate slower, which means a lower frequency (and a darker sound). That's my best recommendation based on what you described. As you know, snare drums and toms are sort of apple vs. oranges. This would be like painting the orange the color red :-)
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the rule of thumb the thicker a drum head the longer it vibrates because of the weight? From what I've read a THIN reso head will give quick punch and decay with a touch higher pitch and brighter tone depending on tension. Wouldn't a thick batter and reso just cause bigger drums to resonate for days, depending on tension? Also I believe tension on the heads, no matter the thickness, also plays a role in tone and how quick the decay will be. Are you saying that a EC2 over an EC2 "reso" will cancel eatch other out giving a 16" FT a more dry and quick decay, rather than an EC2 and an Evans Glass Reso or standard Genera Reso?
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