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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Originally Posted by evilg99 View Post
Hey Chris, thanks to your excellent tip...just picked up a 20" tool bag for my Atlas hardware... I found a DeWalt tool bag on sale for $27. It's perfect!
I'll try and get a pic up soon. What a great compact solution.

*** Canadian drummers: get out to your local Canadian Tire store and grab the 20" DeWalt bag on sale this week!!!!
Awesome man! Yeah, let's see a pic when you get a chance!

I have the following in the bag for rehearsal tonight:

- Yamaha 700 Series Snare Stand (for snare)
- Ludwig AC Snare Stand (for tom)
- Ludwig AC Straight Cymbal Stand
- Ludwig AC Straight Cymbal Stand
- Ludwig AC Hi-Hat Stand
- Floor Tom Legs
- Bass Drum Cymbal Mount
- Throne Base

That's alot of crap in a tiny bag! Adding the second snare stand forced me to think about placement in the bag a little more. It all fits, but it's tight! If I add anything else, I think I'll get a second bag and split the stuff between both.

The funny thing is this tool bag is built much better than any hardware bag I've owned, which includes a Road Runner hardware bag, a baseball bat bag, and a new military patrol bag. It's also much cheaper!
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