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Default Re: Fan for drumming?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
With all due respect to bonzolead, I've had both and IMHO, this is the best fan you will ever own for drumming, period. Everyone who feels it in action ends up buying one. It's a well built squirrel cage design. Very efficient and quiet. The minute I felt one I had to have one. The blue one is the one you want, if you buy a Lasko. The yellow one is too big. Stanley makes a good one too, but it's gaudy yellow and black. The blue one isn't too obvious on stage. It's small, it pivots, and it moves major air. I can only use it on low. Plus it has a duplex outlet built in, in case you have an electric cape. As necessary to me as a good throne IMO, I get soaked sometimes. Plus you'll be the envy of all your bandmates!
I've had three of these style fans, 2 (yellow) STANLEYS and a blue LASCO like this. I would recommend staying away from the blue LASCO, they're made in China and the quality isn't worth the price (the yellow STANLEYS were made by LASCO actually, AIR KINGS too). What does these cheaper made blower fans in most of the time is dropping them, having them fall off a drum cart etc.etc. Their bodies are real cheap plastic, as are the tumbler blade cages. The AC courtesy plugs are a nice touch tho.

They're difficult to clean when the tumbler blades get dirty, you have to disassemble the whole fan (you then get to see how cheap the materials are).

My advise b/f buying one of these is plug it in, listen for humming in the motor, put you hand on the unit and feel for vibration which is a sure indication the tumbler blade has issues. Fins crack, holes aren't drilled center (china) etc. You'll have to compare a few together to get a sense of differences, tho I can guarantee you some will exhibit more tell tale vibration than others, you want to pick the smoothest one (this goes for any fan purchase, vibe them out b/f you buy if you can). Whatever you do if you buy one of these fans is make sure you save your receipt.

My two STANLEYS expired due to weak bodies and my blue LASKO'S motor would only work on one speed and had an audible hum in less than a year.

Look for blower fans with an ABS plastic body/housing, they're out there and they can take the rigors of gigging. Colours are tough, its hard to find a black fan. I painted one of my yellow STANLEYS with black KRYLON FUSION.

BLOWIT FANS is making an attempt at drum set fans, tho the market is still wide open for a good design for sure.
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