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Default Re: How to play an ipod through a TASCAM US1800 Audio interface?

Originally Posted by tysonreesmusic View Post
Ahk awesome! Any idea what kind of cord I'd need? I've never seen one that goes into a mic input :/
Go to Radio Shack and get that 1/8" stereo plug to split L and R RCA plugs, then get an adapter that will take those two RCA plugs and sum them into one 1/4" mono instrument plug. Then plug that into the 1/4" input on your interface. OR, you could get an adapter that sums the two RCA plugs into a single male XLR plug - I just don't think they'd have that adapter at Radio Shack. So go with the 1/4" mono plug instead.

Whoops - not sure if they have Radio Shack in your neck of the woods. Find some kind of place that sells audio cabling and adapters, they should be able to help you out.
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