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Default Re: Fan for drumming?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
With all due respect to bonzolead, I've had both and IMHO, this is the best fan you will ever own for drumming, period. Everyone who feels it in action ends up buying one. It's a well built squirrel cage design. Very efficient and quiet. The minute I felt one I had to have one. The blue one is the one you want, if you buy a Lasko. The yellow one is too big. Stanley makes a good one too, but it's gaudy yellow and black. The blue one isn't too obvious on stage. It's small, it pivots, and it moves major air. I can only use it on low. Plus it has a duplex outlet built in, in case you have an electric cape. As necessary to me as a good throne IMO, I get soaked sometimes. Plus you'll be the envy of all your bandmates!
I have one of those! They're awesome! It also gets used on Monique photo shoots when we have to blow her hair around (imagine that, Larry ;)
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