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I found after playing with the tuning that the heads on my Tama Bronze snare were actually ok, still have a bit of life in them. They are an Evans G2 over a Hazy 300. Generally speaking that is my go to combo with snare heads, although i do really like the Genera HD now. For this snare i have been thinking of trying something a little more sensitive so when the current heads do go i'll replace them with my ,now spare, Remo Ambassador over Hazy 200. Have also been toying with getting 24 strand Puresound snare wires. I'll see how i get on with that when the time comes.

Just a note on my snares after changing the heads:

Pearl Jimmy DeGrasso signature: Evans Genera HD/Remo Ambassador with pearl snares.
Tama Bronze: Evans G2/Hazy 300 (soon to change to Remo ambassador/Hazy 200) with starclassic snares
Yamaha Brass Nouveau: Evans Genera/stock yamaha ambasador with yamaha snares
Ludwig Epic: Evans ST Dry/Hazy 300

These have been my opinions based on my tastes of snare sound within my studio. These heads could sound totally different to other peoples ears or in different rooms.

I hope that this has been helpful, again if theres any questions or comments or if i havent explained or described anything to well then let me know. If anyone has anything to add with different heads then feel free
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