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Now for the Genera:

For my Yamaha 13"x6.5" brass i thought i would try the Evans Genera. I decided on this head as i wanted something quite open sounding but but not too ringy. The stock head that it arrived with was a Yamaha branded Remo ambassador. I know from experience that Ambassadors are great sounding heads however this one wasn't. It sounded quite "muddy" to my ears, cheaper for lack of a better word. It was also quite off colour, almost a shade of grey compared to the brilliant white of proper heads. The impact was very apparent as soon as i started tuning. There was no "muddyness" or choked sound, instead there was a very bright, crisp sound. Quite open sounding due to being only one ply but not too open. There was still a kind of warmth to the head and it had great volume.

Evans Genera: 1ply 10mil with 2mil overtone control ring

This is a great head, very sensitive and open with less ring than standard single ply heads.
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