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Default Re: Drumhead magazine?

Sorry to bump an old thread but for me out of all the drum magazines I subscribe to (UK Ones: Rhythm, Drummer- USA ones Modern Drummer, DRUM! and this) this is the best one of the lot.

I love the in-depth interviews with each player each month and they really put thought into the education/informative aspect of the publication.

Started about a year ago after stumbling across an online UK magazine distributer and I haven't missed a single issue yet. Out of all the magazines I have sent to me I look forward to this one the most.

Listened to an episode of 'I'd HIit That' podcast with an interview with Jonathan Mover and it's a really interesting episode. Talks about his ideals for the Magazine and why he became disalusioned with most publications and I have to say him and his small team are doing a great job.

Do we have many regular readers on here?
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