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Next up is the Evans Genera HD:

This was the first time i have ever tried this drum head and man was i impressed. I'm a very big fan of G2 heads which this is similar to but it just has something else. It's slightly drier than a G2 with the 2mil dampening ring but only removes excessive ring, still keeps enough to keep it "alive". It sounded quite sweet on my Tama Bronze snare, which i normally use with a G2 and it was better with the Ludwig Epic snare than the ST Dry but it really did sound amazing with my Pearl Signature. The Jimmy DeGrasso snare is a loud snare designed for rock/metal. This head just gives it a really crisp, thunder like crack with slightly punchier strokes in the centre of the drum. Plus it's a two ply head so is more durable than the Ambassador that it came with (but still sounded amazing). I seem to have found the ideal head and tuning for this drum (in my opinion).

Evans Genera HD - 2 ply 5 mil/7.5 mil with 2mil overtone control ring

This really is a fantastic head that will fit in a lot of styles and is great if you find single ply heads just a little too fragile but still like sensitivity and something a little more open/lighter feeling than a standard 2ply head
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