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Ive had the chance to test out some of the heads on several of the drums:

I have found that the ST Dry is a really good head but the dry vents remove just a little too much of the overtones for my liking. You still get a nice crack with great punch thanks to the double ply and it's obviously a very durable head. The Jimmy DeGrasso snare is hammered so a "dry" head is just not needed really. The head isn't really that suited to my bronze snare for the kind of sound i'm looking for and ,like i said, my wood snare ( Ludwig Epic) is a little too dead when cranked high but gives a nice fat 80s rock kind of sound when tuned lower. Personally i prefer the standard ST unless you have a snare that does nothing but ring.

Evans ST Dry - Two 7.5 mil ply with vent holes

Great head if you have an excessively ringy drum but personally i prefer the standard ST, very durable and still sensitive for a thicker head. Ideal for Rock/Metal or general heavy hitters
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