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Default Re: Serious as a heart attack - a rant

Well, I'm back home and I'm still kicking. Here is an update.

My band plays every Tuesday at a nursing home or retirement center for free in lieu of a rehearsal, so I guess you could call this a gighearsal (?). We are to do a recording session this Sunday so much of what we did tonight was in preparation for that.

Suffice it to say, it went well. I got there an hour early (my usual MO) and set up. All my gear was the same except I left a few things home and I repacked my heavy hardware case into a smaller case and another bag so I could handle them better. My playing was not my best but it was entirely adequate. Since it was a "gighearsal" we actually stopped and fixed a few things (something we almost never do). Playing was no problem physically because the style in which we play it is mostly wrists and fingers. Of course, I was the last one out (Why are drummers like the Marines? They are the first in and last out) but loading was no serious problem because of the aforementioned changes in my gear.

I had a good time and I'm ready to go back and do it again. Thank all of you for your encouraging words.

Drums are the best psychiatry
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