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Default Re: Remo film underneath coating

Hmm. Well, AFAIK, the C Emps still have clear film with coating.
The film for a Coated Amb. is actually different than the film used for a Clear Amb. It's more of a White-ish, milky film, but it's not WHITE, like the Smooth White.
The head I though you might have gotten is a model that uses the Smooth White film with a coating. Not sure if they still make it, but I tried it, and it was pretty dead sounding to me (took the whole set back).

My BB's ring pretty well, but not as much as the CM does. That baby rings. With a small spot of moon gel, it tames it down to a manageable, nice ring.

Yeah, you can't beat Bronze....pretty much the perfect blend of sound between a wood and metal snare for me.

You should get a Bronze, and then switch out the Chrome hardware on it with the BB's Brass stuff, and put it on the Bronze.
Then sell the BB with Chrome hardware, and still get a great price back out of it :-)
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