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Oh, and as for the debate over Dom going on.. I think there's some arguing at cross purposes going on.

I don't go watch Dom Famularo solos and go "Wow, that's what inspired me to be a drummer". I go listen to music, and I enjoy much simpler, less flashy playing in that context. Dom is a very choppy, very entertaining drummer. But I wouldn't hire him over 90% of the rest of the guys on Drummerworld just because he doesn't have as well-paved a playing history.

But if I was going looking for a teacher - and I might be, shortly, seriously enough to get on a plane to the US for a while - then Dom would be very high up the list. He clearly has a great depth of technical knowledge and has studied directly with all the greats. And while grumpy-but-great players are awesome to listen to (Tim Alexander? He always seemed pretty grumpy in interviews, and the rest of Primus seemed to be saying the same) I'd much rather have lessons with somebody who sends me out the door in a great mood wanting to go practice as much as humanly possible.

It's kind of like Kung Fu, I guess. You wouldn't hire an eighty-year-old chinese guy to be the doorman on your nightclub, but you wouldn't go to a six-foot-tall mid-twenties Samoan dude if you wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. Players and teachers can be very different beasts, and I reckon Dom is probably an astonishing teacher.
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