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Default Re: Show off your "Classic" Drum Sets! (Pre 2000)

Originally Posted by lsits View Post
Here's my Gretsch round badge kit.

It's not a collector's kit, it's a player's kit. It was originally wrapped with White Marine Pearl. It has thick-shelled six-ply shells. I bought it used in 1977. Being young and stupid, I took off the wrap and painted the shells flat black. I also removed the consolette rail and installed a Ludwig mount. Of course, I drilled new holes and used wood filler for the holes I didn't use any more. The configuration is 13, 16, 20. I also got ahold of a Rogers 12" tom that I removed the wrap from and painted black to match the other drums (for when I want a five-piece configuration).

This kit has served me well on many gigs for over 20 years. It still sounds great after all these years. I now use it for practice and sometimes recording. I am now the proud owned of a set of Yamaha Stage Customs that I bought in 2011 that is my gigging kit. In all the time I've owned it I can only think of two or three times where someone has commented on the Ludwig mount or the Rogers tom not matching the rest of the kit. I think only drummers notice that stuff. :)

p.s. The kit came with a Rogers Holiday snare. I still have that one, but the picture shows the Stage Custom birch snare.
Nice, was this your first set?

And Bo it says the video does not exist.
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