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Default Re: What to look for in vintage Ludwig Sets

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
As long as there's no water damage,then that's not a bad asking price,you could probably get him down lower,

The wrap is called sky blue pearl which has badly darkened to where is looks like black diamond pearl..

It is NOT repeat NOT the same wrap as Ringos Ludwigs which are Oyster Black Pearl and look nothing alike.Take along a pic of Ringos drums if you have one to prove your point.That will also help lower the price.

Looks like a 22/13/16 with a 5.5x14 classic snare with a P-87 strainer..

Get over there NOW,don't stop,don't pass it NOW.At the very least you have a nice vintage players kit.

Steve B
I tossed that one out there for discussion. I like that wrap, and was very tempted. I did not call about it though, and the ad is down now. Probably sold quick. I still like the first kit, but it is a bit longer drive. If it was close, they would be next to those stainless steel Ludwigs out in my garage ready to clean up. I will look and see next week if he still has them, maybe follow up then...
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