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Default Tune Bot Observation

I have both the drumdial and the Tune-Bot, as I'm a sucker for anything new, particularly electronic.
I've come up with an interesting observation though.
In the past, while using the Drumdial, it was common practice for me to have the reso head on a tom, higher than the batter. A common setting for me was 78-80 on the reso, and approx a 75 reading on the batter.
Now, while experimenting with the Tune Bot's recommended, or calculated settings from their website, I have tuned a sample rack tom (13") using these settings. The Hz setting for the reso is predictably higher than the batter setting ( 196Hz reso / 182Hz batter), BUT when I check the drum using the Drumdial after, I show an 80 batter reading, but a 75 reso reading. I've never tuned my tom reso heads anything less than 78-82.
SO, does this now mean that I've been tuning my reso heads WAY too tight?
Now, we also know that a single ply reso will definately tune higher, faster with a higher reading than say a 2-ply coated Emperor on the batter.
I'm getting really confused over the settings on both these "tuning aids".
Any thoughts folk?
Cheers, Phil
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