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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Thanks dudes.

I sold all my gear a few years ago after a nasty band breakup and kicked myself ever since. They were also Starclassic Maples, but in the Platinum Fade finish. I gigged the hell out of them, they we're dented and scratched but they were my babies. When I was looking to get back into drumming I searched for over a year for a pristine Japan made maple kit, and found these on eBay close enough to make a day trip to go get them. I messaged the guy and he ended up ending the auction early and selling them to me because he knew I'd never let them go. I never had the 16" tom on my last kit because it would've been too much to get the Platinum Fade color made, so this is also the kit I've always wanted. It's way to much to gig with, but for a home studio they are brilliant. I'll buy another kit before I ever take these out of their new home.

There aren't even hairline scratches on bass drum hoop chips or anything. It sounds sick, but I sometimes go up and stare at them when I'm bored, lol...The Marine Blue Fade finish is beyond beautiful, they look like furniture. Here are some pics with less editing so you can see the natural color.

I've got some Youtube videos in my signature, but the audio is just with the camera mic so I'm hesitant to even post the link. I'm collecting mics and stuff now, so when the time comes I'll post some videos of the way they sound.


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