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Default Re: Ludwig Lug Splay Solution

Yeah, this about the 5th (or so) Lug Splay thread.... I never heard, or thought about it until Les brought it up years ago when I joined in '08.

Regardless what someone's "tolerance" of "splay" may or may not be, LUDWIG is owned by a larger entity, that until a few short years ago, practically put nothing into the company.
Good enough reason for many people to say " 'eh, they kinda blow, whatever".
The people WORKING at Ludwig may have wanted to change some things, but the bottom line is the higher ups wouldn't do it (not really cool for us, but people weren't buying either).
Things have changed in the last few years, and are still changing. Having talked to a few Ludwig people, Kevin Packard for one, I can say they are striving and working to put out the best product possible, with very high quality standards.

All well and good some will say, but, I'm as picky as anyone else is, and I haven't had any of the issues others have had, so I still give them my business.

Ludwig drums sound like what I want drums to sound like.
No other drums have given me the same satisfaction in sound,playability, feel etc... and like most here, I've played just about everything. You have the kits that cost an arm and both legs, but not a ton of people are buying them. Those companies, say like Craviattio, have the luxury of starting from scratch, with nothing that's been used for years, and then something in the process changes, which may incur lug splay or whatever.
earl and Yamaha will come out with a new line and change the lugs to go along with the shells. Ludwig hasn't done that really until the Keystone's and some people had an issue with it. So how do you win?

My Mach lug Maple drums (going back to '90,up till 'early '12) don't have the splay. My '07-'10 CM's are all straight. I had a couple special sized drums made, using Ludwig hardware, and they are all straight too.

My Hammered 402 will get a little on a a couple lugs, and that's really the only one-ad it's also not that much unless I take off the head for some reason, and re-put it on (it's never going back to the same spot where the rods were straight. The '09 402 I sold was actually pretty straight,
One lug somewhere on the bottom of the BB snares might not be perfect, but everything else is pretty dang straight. My CM snare with the bow tie lugs is perfect all the way around. That one is from '09 I think.
The new Acro Classic is really straight--almost exactly perfect all the way around.
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