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Default Re: Question about issues with DW 9000 Hi-Hat stand.

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
When I had that stand, I don't recall the chain ever touching the tension dial. Could it be possible there's something broken? Maybe it's time to have DW look at it.

Anyway, after a while I lost my honeymoon moment with all things DW and switched out to Tama and Yamaha. The simpler the better for me. I can play pretty hard, but I don't need to be using a hi-hat I can jack my car up on. I hated how heavy that thing was with the hi-hats on it. But that's a whole 'nother discussion.

Good luck!
The only think I have to go on is the two that I have seen so far. Both mine and the one at GC had the chain cam touching the tension dial. I will give it another look on Wednesday at practice, but it just seems odd.

OK, I looked at the DW website. Their pictures show that the cam and the dial are free and clear of one another. This makes me think that somehow the dial got disconnected and is a bear to get back into it's proper home.
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