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Default Re: DW 9000 double pedal thoughts?

I have a DW 9002 double pedal. I have to say that it is a smooth pedal. I have left it pretty much on factory settings and I am good. I might mess around with other beaters some day, but I am good for now.

I did think that I wanted a Tama Speed Cobra a little while back. I got a great deal on a new one, but before it arrived, I had a change of heart after playing with a few in the store. I felt that it was nice, and I liked the idea of the long boards, but given the choice between Speed Cobras, and Iron Cobras, I might be more tempted to go Iron Cobra.

I could probably be happy with either the Iron Cobras or the 9000s. The 9002 is VERY nice though. I am not trying to set any speed records anymore. I am currently playing in a stoner doom band. So I am not doing any sustained running double bass work. But for what I am using it for, it works great!

Good luck!
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