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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Why NOT incorporate double bass? We don't use just 1 hand when we play, so why not develop the left leg as well?
That kind of makes sense, but I've always thought that the whole "Well, we use both hands so why not use both feet" is actually rather different from how it works out. For me playing double bass is more like training yourself to be able to play fast, ultra-powerful singles on an 18" floor tom - it's something you do have to develop with your hands, and whether you choose to do that is really based on whether you see yourself having a need for it.

I mean sure, it can't hurt. But if your ultimate aspiration is to be a jazz drummer your time would be better spent learning to better control your snare drum tones and dynamics than working on ultra-powerful strokes on loose floor toms. See what I mean?

So while I do work on my left foot a lot (on the hi-hat), I don't really see the point in a double pedal. I literally have no use whatsoever for that much bass drum.
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